Kaitlyn O'Neill - President

4th Year Economics and Management Science Major, Finance Minor

I joined the CSRSA in order to further my understanding of CSR concepts, and raise awareness of the importance of socially responsible decision making. I intend to use my position as a student leader to influence other student leaders in the community to forward a much needed change in the corporate world. I believe that the CSRSA can help bring the student body to a greater understanding of the importance of CSR commitments; thereby enacting students to make socially responsible decisions, in their actions today, as well as in their future endeavours.

My interest in CSR stems from a strong belief that corporations have social, legal and moral obligations to society. As significant as profits are to the economic growth of a corporation, and the community in which it is inhabited; it is of growing essence that economic growth is in alliance with social and environmental welfare. The sustainability of our planet, and the livelihood of our species is largely in correlation with the actions and decisions of the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Upon graduating from Ryerson University I plan to earn a CFA designation and possibly an MBA, in the pursuance of a career in financial analysis.

Uzman Ubaidullah - Executive Vice President 

4th Year Law and Business Major, Human Resources Minor

As modern businesses begin to integrate CSR practices and values within the roots of their organization, the traditional absence of these values embedded in the education of aspiring business leaders should not be ignored. I joined the team of such well-rounded individuals at the CSRSA at Ryerson as a step towards the promotion, development, and establishment of CSR values for fellow Ryerson student’s, as well as my own academic and post academic careers. The idea to not only consider the interest and expectations of stakeholders in order to experience success within a business, but further commit to achieve environmental sustainability along with the improvement of the health and welfare of society, is one that sparked my desire to increase awareness of CSR throughout the student body at Ryerson. 

Upon graduating from Ryerson University, I intend to write the LSAT in pursuant of a career in Law. I aspire to contribute my knowledge and experiences in law as well in combination with CSR values to forward thinking organizations. To achieve these aspirations and success afterwards, I view future progress begins with present responsibilities and decisions that arise from present responsibilities should account for future progress.

Mandeep Dhindsa - Vice President of Finance

4th Year Accounting Major, Finance Minor

I joined the CSRSA because I wanted to be a part of a student group that has a positive impact on the TRSM community. I view this as a great opportunity for me to learn about CSR concepts and the different CSR implications in the world of business today. Furthermore, I was drawn to a growing student group like the CSRSA and I am hoping to help continue this steady growth moving forward.

My interest in CSR stems from the ethics classes I have taken over the past year. I understand how CSR truly relates to one’s mindset as almost every decision we make has a CSR element to it. I truly believe that we, as the business leaders of the future, have an obligation to be aware of the CSR dilemmas we will face on a regular basis and how we can successfully overcome them. 

Upon graduation, I plan on pursuing my CPA designation and a career in accounting. I hope that a strong CSR mindset will allow me to exercise strong accounting ethics throughout my career.



Tony Le - Vice President of Corporate Relations

3rd Year Real Estate Management Major, Finance & Economics Minor

I joined the CSRSA knowing that CSR is an increasingly important element among all industries/firms and our society, especially within our generation. In the Real Estate industry, CSR is extremely important as commercial and residential developers strive to create environmentally sustainable projects, affordable housing, and maintain strong relationships with communities which is one of the reasons why CSR is so important to me.

My goal is to connect students with CSR industry leaders in order to promote and educate socially responsible business practices as well as behaviours and growth opportunities that can come from CSR. Also, I hope to expand my knowledge of different CSR practices, be more aware of issues within society, and learn how individuals/firms can alleviate these issues. 

Upon graduating from TRSM with a real estate management major, I plan on utilizing my background in economics and finance to pursue a career within the Commercial Real Estate industry and complete an MBA in Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Development.

Rafael Matusiewicz - Vice President of Marketing

4th Year Marketing Management Major, Finance Minor

I joined the CSRSA because, CSR should be the core of any business model, and therefore I wanted to practice CSR and make it a habit before entering the real world. My interest stemmed from my love for the auto industry and therefore, seeing Volkswagen’s unethical and immoral practices made me realize the importance of practicing CSR on a daily basis – no matter how big or small the organization is. With this in mind, I want to teach and show the students of TRSM how important it is to be CSR now and in the future. 

After I graduate from Ryerson University, I aspire on getting my CFA and a law degree in corporate law. My end goal is to be a master in the world of finance and corporate law - this way I can use my knowledge to further practice ethical and moral business on my own and for all of my future clients and business partners. 


Alex Burke - B Impact Consultant

4th Year Retail Management Major

I joined the CSRSA to further my understanding and learning of CSR, and in particular the B-Corp certification process. I hope to leverage this role to promote understanding of CSR and the B-Impact Assessment within the Ryerson community.

My interest in CSR stems from my prior study of textiles and fashion, during which I gained an in-depth understanding of the scope of the textile production industry, and its adverse effects on stakeholders and the environment. While business ethics and social responsibility are becoming more commonplace in modern corporations, I feel more could be done to educate and raise awareness surrounding CSR and sustainability, particularly in the textile, fashion, and retail industries. 

After graduation I plan to continue pursuing a retail-related career in social enterprise, with hopes of one day starting my own socially responsible business. While graduate studies are not off the table, I am currently undecided as to where to further develop my education but, my ultimate career goal is to make a lasting positive social and environmental impact.

Daniel Krzywiecki - Marketing Associate

2nd Year Marketing Management Major, Accounting Minor

I joined the CSRSA in pursuit of being apart of an organization that focuses on implementing ethical standards necessary for businesses to survive the modern world. As a forward-thinker, I plan to raise awareness about CSR values that will help shape the student body into strategic decision makers, who take into consideration the various ethical issues within society. I aspire to promote the CSRSA to a larger audience that will further educate students on CSR and the networks that are essential to student success.

My interest in CSR stems from my desire to create a positive impact on the business environment. I believe that CSR helps establish the connection between sustainability and business ethics, a correlation that is essential for stakeholders to grasp. A socially responsible society will enact economic growth that will definitely shape the way business is performed. 

Upon graduating from Ryerson University, I intend to pursue a career in business administration while working towards an MBA and possibly a CPA designation.

Carlos Santana - Lead Graphics & Design Assistant

4th Year Biomedical Engineering Major

The reason I chose to join the CSRSA is to become more of a leader and join a growing team that strives to get their message out to the community. I want to further my understanding of CSR concepts, and continue to bring awareness to the Ryerson school community. With an intent to not only gain awareness of CSR virtues, I want to implement these values to everyone that can further expand their knowledge and continue to understand what it means to create a business that is always socially responsible. 

Upon graduating from Ryerson University, I plan to gain experience in the workforce, and then obtain my Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Biomedical Engineering. One of my future aspirations is to create a prosthetic device that can help people with their immobile movements and create an environment that can help make their lives easier.

Jessica Sargezi - Graphics & Design Assistant

2nd Year Business Technology Management Major

As a business student at Ryerson, it is important to understand the skills and concepts practised by the businesses of today, as they could potentially be future employers. After doing my own research, I’ve come to understand that CSR is practised within organizations in order to achieve success on the basis of shared values and ethical business behaviour. I joined the CSRSA in order to broaden my knowledge of CSR as a whole and also raise awareness of its importance to fellow students. I plan to use my position to create material that can help spark interest within the Ryerson community for the various events that the CSRSA hosts throughout the year, and hopefully contribute to a team of well-respected individuals for the amount of knowledge I gain by working alongside them. 

Upon graduating from Ryerson University, I plan to pursue a career in IT; one that possibly allows for travel as I aspire to see and experience different cities in the world.

Ibrahim Kizilirmak - Events Associate 

2nd Year Accounting Major

My interest towards CSR started after learning about CSR in my high school International Business class and GMS 200 in my first year of university. After having some knowledge about CSR I wanted to join the CSRSA to learn about CSR in depth and apply the knowledge I gain from here in my future job and help society grow. I also wanted to be a part of a group which had the purpose of informing Ryerson University students about CSR practices and how CSR is essential in our daily life. 

After graduating from Ryerson University, I plan to work for one of the big four accounting firms and complete my CPA designation.